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Mediation, Dispute Resolution, Arbitration Charlottetown PEIConflict Management: Assessment, Remediation and Restoration

Conflict within an organization or workplace is very costly. It results in personal stress and frustration for the individuals involved and can create a toxic environment for all. This can significantly prevent an organization from achieving its goals.

Increasingly, the courts are imposing obligations on organizations to investigate and respond to conflict and allegations of wrongdoing within the workplace and to protect employees. Human Rights legislation, anti-harrassment policies and the expectation for a safe and respectful workplace require organizations to do their due diligence. A failure to deal with employee complaints and to conduct an appropriate workplace investigation can be a significant source of liability for an organization.

Our approach: A thorough examination and analysis of a particular conflict situation and/or an organization’s overall culture with a view to recommending an appropriate resolution process.

A comprehensive tailored strategy is employed for working through divisive and challenging issues and building and maintaining a collaborative work atmosphere. This includes investigation and analysis, areas of human resource management, alternative dispute resolution including negotiation, mediation and facilitation, team building, conflict resolution process design, skills training and coaching . Our focus is on identifying the root causes of conflict and drawing on all available disciplines to implement practical solutions that rebuild and restore a positive and healthy workplace environment.

CRS Atlantic will moderate discussions, establish communication guidelines, balance participation, provide feedback, keep discussions focused and work towards solutions agreeable to everyone on the team. Facilitation fosters collaboration and builds consensus.