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Conflict Resolution Services, Mediation Services, Arbitration and Negotiation Services, Charlottetown CanadaMediation

Mediation is a process in which disputing parties engage the services of a neutral third party to assist them in reaching their own mutually satisfactory resolution to an issue(s).

Often the presence of a neutral third party can be essential in resolving conflict. CRS Atlantic will impartially listen to all sides, facilitate and foster open and constructive communication and assist disputing parties in reaching mutually agreeable solutions. As a neutral facilitator, CRS Atlantic will work with clients to clarify issues, identify interests, facilitate understanding and dialogue and generate lasting outcomes.


Arbitration is a quicker and more cost effective alternative to court. We engage with disputants to structure an Arbitration process that simplifies processing the case and saves valuable time and money. With Arbitration you can have a decision within a month rather than years.

Conflict Management

Conflict within an organization is very costly. It results in personal stress and frustration for the individuals involved and can create a toxic environment for all. This can prevent an organization from achieving its goals. CRS Atlantic provides a thorough examination and analysis of a particular conflict situation, an organization’s overall culture with a view to recommending an appropriate resolution process.


CRS Atlantic provides a variety of investigative and fact finding services to help you handle complaints against individuals in your organization. As goal-oriented problem solvers, our efficient workplace investigations will ensure that you are completely aware of the situation at hand.

Skills Training

CRS Atlantic pairs first-rate credentials with professional experience when offering a variety of tailored in-house courses, ranging from a half day to two days, focusing on the Effective Use of Communication, Conflict Management, Negotiation, Respect and Professionalism in the Workplace and Human Rights.